World Class Engineering, Efficiency, and Support for the USA


A Heritage of Engineering Excellence

KC Compressor has distinguished itself as an engineering and manufacturing leader in the development of powerful industrial equipment across a wide range of product categories. From large scale steam expanders to organic thermal power generation systems and high efficiency air compressors, Kaishan continues to provide the global marketplace with some of the highest quality, most efficient industrial equipment available today. Kaishan combines highly skilled engineering and low cost manufacturing operations to provide industry leading value, performance, and reliability.

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A Wide Array of Industrial Solutions

With a track record of building equipment for a wide variety of

global industrial applications, KC Compressor represents a very compelling alternative in the intensely competitive domestic marketplace. We offer powerful, high quality manufactured compressed air equipment across a wide array of applications including:


  • Construction machinery

  • Mining and Drilling equipment

  • Geothermal power generation

  • Air and gas compression

  • Rubber & plastic products

KC Compressor offers a broad array of high performance compressed air products used for quarry digging, mining and exploration, refrigeration, irrigation systems, transportation, and compressed air systems. Our equipment is currently in service in over 60 markets around the globe including Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia and more.

Vertical Integration Drives Quality

KC Compressor is one of the most vertically integrated industrial

equipment manufacturers in the world.

We directly control 85% of the engineering, supply chain,

and manufacturing associated with the production of our

compressed air equipment lineup. We’ve carefully integrated

lean manufacturing, simplified organizational structure, and our

low overhead operating model together to provide important

end user benefits:

  • High Quality – embedded QC reviews and assurance certifications ensure the highest quality manufacturing

  • Fit & Finish – precision components expressly engineered to support Kaishan finished product

  • System Performance – Integrated engineering and manufacturing operations produces improved system performance

  • Value – 85% integrated supply chain + manufacturing processes maximize value for the customer


Now KC Compressor brings its integrated engineering, design,

and manufacturing expertise to the Americas with an

unprecedented investment in the industrial compressed

air systems industry.

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Superior Engineering = Reliable Air Power

Today’s industrial air power user requires consistent performance and reliability augmented by on-demand technical service/support.


KC Compressor has consistently invested aggressively in engineering technologies and expertise to ensure we produce only the finest quality, most reliable compressors you can buy.

Our experience engineering large scale industrial equipment has translated into some of the compressed air industry’s most reliable and efficient compressor systems available today.

Delivering Vertical Integration


KC Compressor delivers true vertical integration in many ways. We own and operate all of the following manufacturing and production aspects required to deliver the benefits of vertical integration:


  • Pressure vessel manufacturing

  • Sheet metal fabrication

  • Precision machining and grinding

  • Foundry operations

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