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KC Compressor has made a multi-faceted investment in the American design, manufacturing, service and support infrastructure with one vision in mind:

Become a leading force in compressed air system manufacturing and renewable energy and efficiency.

Made in Alabama

In 2019, we completed construction and moved into our new 65,000 sq. ft. compressed air assembly and manufacturing facility in Loxley, AL. This facility features expanded headquarters staff, parts distribution, and field service/support functions. It also leads the company in design, stocks an expanded array of single and two-stage rotary screw compressors and an assortment of OEM quality system components and aftermarket products.


US Investment Features:

  • Precision Machine Shop – Produces rotors and airend housings under the tolerances required to have market-leading efficiency.

  • Airend Assembly – Includes expert assemblers with over 20 years of experience.

  • Unit Assembly – Provides the ability to offer customizable options, short lead times and specials that other manufacturers shy away from.

  • Test Facility – We 100% test every unit with the same equipment as the CAGI certified testing center.

  • Warehousing – All consumables and aftermarket parts are on the shelf and ready to ship.


Our new Loxley facility is also the home of the Oil-Free Rotary Compressor development for the entire Kaishan group, including the engineering of the airend, package, controls and  electrical. Not only will this product be developed in our Loxley facility, but it will be machined and assembled for export to the entire globe.


Broad Compressor Range

KC Compressor offers a wide array of state-of-the-art direct drive and belt driven rotary screw compressor technologies. 


Our longstanding commitment to the highest quality engineering results in outstanding product fit and finish in everything we produce. We manufacture more than 60,000 industrial air compressors a year and rank as the third largest compressed air system manufacturer in the world.

With our new manufacturing and assembly operation in Kansas City and a network of localized distributors, KC Compressor is making a significant investment in America.


Highly Attractive Total Cost of Ownership

KC Compressor offers some of the compressed air industry’s most attractive economic values available today. To appreciate the KC Compressor difference is to understand the direct and indirect costs and benefits of our engineering and efficiency focused manufacturing model. We are committed to controlling all the critical product design, sourcing, component manufacturing, and final assembly aspects of every compressed air system we produce. 


Corporately we maintain a 60,000 sq. foot R&D facility dedicated to continuous improvement in the areas of product innovation and system efficiency performance metrics. Our world-class CNC equipment and compressor component machining shops help us deliver some of the highest quality compressor systems in the world.

Lower Upfront

Purchase Pricing

Our 85% vertically integrated design, manufacturing and production processes enable us to deliver more attractive equipment pricing than other compressed air brands.

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Reduced Energy


KC Compressor rotary screw compressors are meticulously engineered to be among the most efficient air systems on the market.

Operating efficiency is determined largely on the basis of air flow through the unit coupled with systems that automatically turn the compressor off when air power is not required. Compressor efficiency also has some very real and important environmental impact. Kaishan engineers every compressed air system with care to maximize system efficiency and minimize emissions and other negative impact on our ecosystem.

KC Compressor's intelligent electronic control systems and sophisticated engineered design provide superior efficiency and optimized, energy-efficient performance…even in extended use applications.


Service Life

Precision engineering and a meticulous focus on quality control helps Kaishan equipment deliver industry leading service life. Our premium direct drive rotary screw compressors are designed to deliver 20+ years of worry-free service backed by the industry’s only “true lifetime warranty” on the core air end critical system components.

Building some of the compressed air industry’s most enduring and efficient compressor systems is no easy task. Kaishan has made a long-term commitment to pioneering innovative ways to improve product service life and operating efficiency across our complete line of rotary screw compressed air systems.